6 of Pentacles: the Giving Heart and the Receiving Hand

“Give, and you will be given to you. (…)  For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.”  What you put in is what you get out.  What you sow is what you harvest. Some of the oldest, most fundamental spiritual principles spell out a universal law of reciprocity, that states that the generous heart will receive back in equal measure.  Now, it is so easy to attempt to apply this law from a contractive, egotistical way. As with most spiritual principles, the truth lies deeper. Entering the cosmic flow of givingness and receptivity is an advanced practice. The secret of the liberated souls is to give without the expectation of return. Another, related principle is embodying a state of receptivity and openness to the flow of providence and abundance. The 6 of Pentacles walks us through the balancing point between these two truths.

It is no wonder that the 6 of Pentacles carries such multidimensional lessons. Number 6 is composed of a pair of Number 3s (2×3=6). It brings the harmonizing energies of 2 as the balancing point between the points of growth and expansion implied with Number 3. Governed by the earth element due to its Pentacles suit, the 6 of Pentacles offers complex lessons in existing within the channels of the material realm from a balanced state of flow in which the heart freely gives while the hands are most gratefully open to receive—all while transcending the limitations and expectations of the separate self. Although the 6 of Pentacles is a minor card, its truths are nothing short of major.

In our personal lives, the 6 of Pentacles is a reminder that what we put in is what we get out. Meaning, a situation may not change unless we put in our tangible efforts and resources into it. Particularly, stagnant and conflicting circumstances may not flow again until we put the weight of our actions behind them. Note that the cards preceding the 6 of Pentacles are the 4 and 5 of Pentacles which can represent stagnation and conflict, respectively.

Giving from a place of expectations may be a fool’s errand, ripe for disappointments. However, when we give from the heart, without expectation of return, that’s when miracles take place. Hence, generosity of heart is the highest advice of the 6 of Pentacles. The scales being held by the figure in the card represent the fine equilibrium between effort and surrender; and the balanced inner state that is required to give without the expectation of return. Only a centered heart is able to successfully undertake this delicate practice.

But, again, giving with strong expectations of return is something that will contract us and entrench us within the confines of the ego. Giving with trust and openness is the tricky part. It requires us to transcend ourselves. It calls for an open heart. The 6 of Pentacles guides us through that softening of the heart, and nudges us towards an open, flowy, plainly abundant state of being. Here, we give for the sake of giving. We donate and pour out our talents as a sacred offering of generosity of spirit.

Giving isn’t just about charitable giving, although it very much includes that. Rather, it’s a larger concept connected to every gift and benefit that we pour into the world through our deeds, energy, thoughts and words. Given that the Pentacles suit guides us in the building of our legacy; the 6 of Pentacles shows a vital step in that journey, in that giving is an important building block of our creation.

6 is a number of flow and harmony. 6 of Pentacles shows that we truly enter a state of harmony with the material world as we freely give from the goodness of our hearts. As we give of ourselves like Spirit gives of Itself, we enter into a dance of flow with the universe. Energy circulates freely in the universe, and as we give, we are entering that vortex of abundance. We receive in like measure. In a world of givers and takers, the 6 of Pentacles beckons us to rush to the side of the givers.