I am Mantis, and I am a servant of the Light.

I believe we have all been sent here to Earth with a mission. As part of mine, I am a mystic, healer and tarot reader. I love the tarot because, among other things, it is an accessible tool through which I can serve as a conduit for Spirit’s actions in peoples lives. I bring my decks with me wherever I go. When asked, I read for friends or acquaintances or whoever wants a read. That way, in the midst of the busyness of everyday life, we get to sit down and speak of spirit. A touch of light can transform a person’s outlook on life and the universe. That touch can be quick and hit like the lightning of a small awakening that opens the eyes to the beauty inherent in the Cosmos and to a view of the world that is glorious yet grounded in reality. It hits like the praying mantis, who touches then retracts. Myself, I was struck thus by a little praying mantis many, many moons ago. One day I’ll tell that story. Today, this human Mantis just wants to say hi and welcome you to my page.

I believe each generation has its truth to share with humankind, so I embrace our time’s spiritual language, beliefs, and practices. I seek to speak from the point of view of the modern mystic who has roots in the ancient and in the timeless.

Here you will find daily Readings for Humanity (collective readings and musings); verbose discussions of tarot symbology and technique; nature mysticism; oracle cards; lots of crystals and healing stones; Speed Reads! on my stories (16-sec readings); discussions on awakening, spirituality, mental health; a bit of amateur astrophotography; and much more! My passion is to share the light and the wonder that I have been so blessed as to receive, and that is the heritage of us all. You are welcome to join me! ✌🏼