The Horseshoe Reading [7 Cards]


This reading can look into any situation or life period with more detail, using seven cards in the Horseshoe Spread. It contains the Past, Present & Future reading, plus a card representing you, one for external influences, guidance and probable outcome. It looks into the timeline of the situation, and provides insight into the influencing forces, your mindset, advice on a course of action, and a look into where the situation is likely headed. Short of a full reading (see below), this reading is the best one to get more detailed information on your question.

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Reading includes: one video recorded reading and one picture of the cards delivered via e-mail. Turnaround time is usually 48 to 72 hours from confirmation of booking, but faster delivery times are common. If you have an urgent request, please let me know.

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Legal notice: Tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only. Nothing here constitutes legal, medical, or other professional advice.