The Year Ahead Reading [13 Cards]

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Looking for guidance for the new year? This is the reading for you. This written reading delivered in PDF format will take you month-by-month as the year unfolds, giving you a card for each month. Additionally, the “card of the year” will reveal your theme for the year, giving you insight on what that year will be about for you, and how to navigate the coming waters. As the year progresses, you will be able to check back on your monthly forecasts and connect with the timeline.

This reading is meant to be an affordable option for year-ahead guidance. For each month, a brief description of the card and its divinatory meanings for you are given. Regarding the year, a divinatory summary and guidance will give you well-rounded yet insightful information. Your reading will come with a beautiful photo of your cards. It will be offered through January of 2020.

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Reading includes: one written reading and one picture of the cards delivered via e-mail as a pleasant-looking PDF.

Delivery time: this reading will be delivered before New Year’s Eve. If December 31 is fast approaching, I will do my best to deliver before the New Year.

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Legal notice: Tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only. Nothing here constitutes legal, medical, or other professional advice.