Readings & Messages

Readings for Humanity!

Presence through the Eye of the Storm. A Reading for Humanity!

2020 has been a roaring wild ride of a year. The roars that started far away, on the […]

7 of Pentacles: Almost There, but Fully Here

The Sevens in tarot have an energy of both Wisdom and Challenge. Challenges arise in our journey as […]

Queen of Pentacles: Gateway to Living Presence

Author and meditation teacher Tara Brach, in her book “True Refuge”, says that one of the best instructions […]

The Contractive Nest of Fear. A reading for Humanity!

When life gives us reason to fear, or when we find ourselves grappling with stress and worry; we […]

Spirit Messages

Messages, inspiration and devotionals using the cards to bring you healing, comfort, awakening, and motivation.

Breathing with our Hearts. A Spirit Message.

Today, the cards bring us 5 of Cups and The Sun Reversed. The 5 of Cups in the […]

Climbing Up the Inner Fogs to Find the Light

In the image, sunrays reach just one of the grass flower stalks. Now, see the little Mouse on […]

Strength to Carry On. A Spirit Message

Strength is finding the will to carry on despite the weight that we’re carrying within us. These years […]

Spirit Stories

The Fool, a Tiny Story

She is opening her heart to an adventure. Life has been begging that she surrender her tight moorings, […]

Spirit Story: Raven and Cedar

Crow/Raven. No. 17. South/West. Masculine. Water Cedar. No. 37. Masculine. Noth. Sun. Fire. Predominant energies: Number 7. Masculine. […]