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I like to think of my readings as loving messages from the Universe to you, aimed at clearing the fog that prevents you from seeing truly into a situation. My readings seek to open your eyes to the truth that has been inside you all along, focusing on the roots of any circumstance, and hoping to provide you with guidance on the path forward, and peace of mind in understanding the spiritual nature of the events in our lives. Your soul’s evolution and your personal growth as an empowered human being are given great importance. See the Testimonials page to see how I have helped some folks.

I do not accept questions regarding specific health issues, or on the outcome of legal matters. My readings are pieces of spiritual advice only, with no guarantees about specific future outcomes. Do not rely on a tarot reading alone to make important life decisions.

Reading Delivery Format

The readings are delivered via e-mail, in video or written PDF format. Turnaround time is usually 2 to 4 days. If you have an urgent request, please let me know.

Unsure where to start?

If this is your first time getting a reading from me, or if you are unsure which reading to pick, you cannot go wrong with the The Horseshoe Detailed Reading using 7 cards. Or, the 4-card Guidance Reading is also an excellent option to receive powerful insight.

$18 The Quick Insight Reading

2 cards. Brief insight into questions, issues, or time periods. Book!

$24 The Past, Present & Future Reading

3 cards. This tarot reading is a great way to gain insight into a life situation, question, or time period; particularly if you are interested in understanding where things are headed. It looks into the flow of time, helping you understand your Past, Present and near Future.

$32 The Guidance Reading

4 cards. Guidance and light for the present moment; for the upcoming week/month/etc; or insight into a question or issue. Uses the Guiding Light spread.

$44 The Horseshoe – Detailed Reading

7 cards. This reading can look into any situation or life period with more detail, using seven cards in the Horseshoe Spread. It contains the Past, Present & Future reading, plus a card representing you, one for external influences, guidance and probable outcome. It looks into the timeline of the situation, and provides insight into the influencing forces, your mindset, advice on a course of action, and a look into where the situation is likely headed. Short of a full reading (see below), this reading is the best one to get more detailed information on your question.

$50 The Crossroads Reading

8 cards. This reading is an excellent way to check in with two different aspects of life, two possible choices or two different paths ahead. Whenever you need to compare and contrast two options or things, this reading is a great ally! The reading will tell you the Blessings, Challenges and Outcomes or each of the two paths, choices or things. At the end, a Guidance card will give you the tarot’s suggestion on what to do, giving you some light so that you can make the choice that feels most aligned to you.

$60 The Celtic Cross – Full Reading

10 cards. This full reading uses 10 cards using the Celtic Cross spread. It is best used to gain larger overviews of issues, or more detailed outlooks of life or specific areas of life. It is also useful to see into the spiritual path and gain spiritual advice.

$67 The Year Ahead Reading

13 cards. Affordable insight for 2020.

Legal notice: Tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only. Nothing here constitutes legal, medical, or other professional advice.

Donations are kindly appreciated and used towards my materials and expenses.