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Knight of Cups and Death: a Comparative Analysis

A comparative analysis between Knight of Cups and Death, and their combined message for us.

Readings with Death

A Time of Collective Reassessment. A Reading for Humanity!

I think many of us are feeling it: the vibes are really off. Things seem confusing. We don’t […]

At Peace with Non-Closures. A Reading for Humanity!

Not everything in life will come to a closure, at least not anytime soon. Some issues or dreams […]

Lighting the Lamp of Awareness. A Reading for Humanity.

This looks like it’s shaping up to be a week of introspection, going within, and getting in touch […]

Empowered to Transform. A Reading for Humanity!

The energies of today are conducive to the use of personal power and strength to bring to a […]

Week Ahead: Awakening to Spirit-based living. A Reading for Humanity.

This reading goes from Knight of Pentacles in one end, and into Knight of Cups on the other […]

Week Ahead: Entering the Stream of Actualization. A Reading for Humanity.

Children of the Light, in the coming week the work of Spirit will be in delivering us to […]

An Experience with the Death card; for Robert.

I shared a few videos on my Instagram Stories late last night about a few decks, books, and […]

READING FOR HUMANITY! Well balanced, inside and out

Last week I had a draw in which The Chariot brought along two passengers: The Empress and The […]

Tarot READING FOR HUMANITY! Impermanence and illusion with the King of Swords

The King of Swords is a master of the mental realm. He perceives reality truly. He is an […]