Card Meanings & Interpretation

Temperance and the fire of our Awakening

When you get back in touch with your inner fire after years of sleeping, you suddenly become aware […]

Readings with Temperance

Speed Up Ahead! A Reading for Humanity

This week is shaping up to be a portal of rapid-fire activity and growth for those of us […]

A Heart for All Humanity – King of Cups and Temperance

The King of Cups is a highly compassionate guy with a welcoming heart that is like a big […]

Short Spirit Message: Peace Within

After my nightly meditation, I usually shuffle a tarot deck, cut, and keep drawing cards until I sense […]

READING FOR HUMANITY! Month Ahead: October 2018 with The Hermetic Tarot

Ok y’all, I am like super blown away by The Hermetic Tarot. I know it’s an older deck […]

READING FOR HUMANITY! Ailment and Medicine

Today’s reading brings an ailment and a medicine. The ailment is emotional stagnation, or trauma and grief that […]

READING FOR HUMANITY! The dissatisfaction of material comforts

If you are feeling stuck in life despite apparently having all you need, you are not alone. When […]

Tarot Reading for Humanity! [Week Ahead, 7/8/18]

There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Being too comfortable in a current […]