The Chariot

Card Meanings & Interpretation

The Chariot & Cancer: the Power of Moving Waters

The Chariot is widely understood to be ruled by Cancer. Now, that is a tricky correspondence for many […]

The Chariot: The Victory of Evolution

The Chariot is a card that is often associated with words such as progress, success and movement. That […]

Readings with The Chariot

Week Ahead: Entering the Stream of Actualization. A Reading for Humanity.

Children of the Light, in the coming week the work of Spirit will be in delivering us to […]

READING FOR HUMANITY! Month Ahead: October 2018 with The Hermetic Tarot

Ok y’all, I am like super blown away by The Hermetic Tarot. I know it’s an older deck […]

READING FOR HUMANITY! Well balanced, inside and out

Last week I had a draw in which The Chariot brought along two passengers: The Empress and The […]

READING FOR HUMANITY! Empowered by the Balance of Ying and Yang

The Chariot appears today symbolizing the powerhouse that is available to us once we balance out our light […]

Tarot READING FOR HUMANITY! Catching The Chariot towards manifestation.

hen we receive a fresh burst of inspiration or a new creative idea from the Universe, it is […]