The Devil

Card Meanings & Interpretation

Moon in Virgo Spread

This spread immerses us in the devotional, sacred service-oriented and healing energies of Virgo and The Hermit. Use […]

Tarot Numerology Spread: the Foundations of Four

This spread is a practice material for my Numerology of Tarot self-guided course, now on Patreon. Number 4 […]

The Hermit & Virgo: Discernment and the Light of Consciousness

Virgo is a highly aware sign, bringing down the light of awareness to the earth plane. Ruled by […]

The Hierophant: the Keeper of Sacred Structures

The Hierophant has traditionally been connected to religious doctrine and social conformity, but also to spirituality and to […]

The Hanged Man and the Eternal Witness

The mystics of the world have used the “witness exercise” to move beyond body and mind to find […]

The Chariot & Cancer: the Power of Moving Waters

The Chariot is widely understood to be ruled by Cancer. Now, that is a tricky correspondence for many […]

Knight of Pentacles: Air That Moves the Earth

If anyone knows how to move gracefully in the earth plane, that is the Knight of Pentacles. The […]

Page of Pentacles: When Dreams Begin to Come True

The Page of Pentacles is our inner child that plays and finds delight in the luscious garden of […]

Presence through the Eye of the Storm. A Reading for Humanity!

2020 has been a roaring wild ride of a year. The roars that started far away, on the […]

2 of Pentacles: Dancing with Impermanence

Water and earth. Heart and body. The inside world and the exterior reality. 2 of Pentacles is an […]

Readings with The Devil

Self-Sufficiency in an Oppressive World. A Reading for Humanity.

I pulled The Devil three times this week. While this card had some personal messages for me, such […]

Week Ahead: Entering the Stream of Actualization. A Reading for Humanity.

Children of the Light, in the coming week the work of Spirit will be in delivering us to […]

Tarot READING FOR HUMANITY! Impermanence and illusion with the King of Swords

The King of Swords is a master of the mental realm. He perceives reality truly. He is an […]