The Empress

Card Meanings & Interpretation

The Empress: Holy Allowing and a Poem!

Today I am making this day one of allowing… are you with me? The Empress is divine opening, […]

Readings with The Empress

Two of Swords: Meditating at a Crossroads. A Reading for Humanity.

At any moment in our lives, the Two of Swords offers us an invitation: do I rebuild, or […]

Gratefully Expanding. A Reading for Humanity!

Energy of the Moment: The Empress and The Sun. We continue growing within the walls of our own […]

Transformed by Love. A Reading for Humanity.

I have been trying to finish my lessons from A Course in Miracles. It has only taken me […]

Natural, Slow Growth. A Reading for Humanity.

We are going into periods in which our main challenges will be being able to emotionally handle our […]

Wisdom through Birthing Pains. A Reading for Humanity.

These are times that require great wisdom and agility from us, of heart and mind. As the Universe […]

Healing the Negative Self-Talk. A Reading for Humanity.

This message invites us to take a look at how we speak to ourselves, and revisit the ways […]

Things Will Start Moving! Energy Check-in

Hi friends. Let’s see what today’s energies have in store for us. I feel like this is a […]

Energy Read! The First Rays of Warmth

You see that gorgeous sunlight in the photo? It’s because the first morning sun is shining into the […]

Going Home with Badger and Coyote

I’m sensing a motherly, yet stern push forward here. She invites me to heal emotional wounds by exposing […]

Receiving with Mother Universe

I pulled The Empress this morning for my reading for y’all, but kept her for myself haha. I […]

Week Ahead: Mental Clarity and Agility

Happy Sunday my dear people! Here’s our reading for the week ahead. I used a Past/Present/Future/Advice simple spread. […]

READING FOR HUMANITY! Month Ahead: October 2018 with The Hermetic Tarot

Ok y’all, I am like super blown away by The Hermetic Tarot. I know it’s an older deck […]

READING FOR HUMANITY! Perseverance and Foresight

Yay, another clear read (for me) with the Animal Totem Tarot! Excited to use this deck more and […]

READING FOR HUMANITY! Empowered by the Balance of Ying and Yang

The Chariot appears today symbolizing the powerhouse that is available to us once we balance out our light […]

Tarot READING FOR HUMANITY! Slash-and-burnin’ by The Tower

Today’s message is short and sweet. Well, short and bittersweet. The 6 of Pentacles by numerology represents the […]