The High Priestess

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Readings with The High Priestess

Lighting the Lamp of Awareness. A Reading for Humanity.

This looks like it’s shaping up to be a week of introspection, going within, and getting in touch […]

Plunging into Cosmic Awareness. Aquarius Full Moon. A Reading for Humanity.

“My fearless freedom lights up the world”, says our oracle card of the day. What a powerfully matching […]

Emboldened by the Warmth. A Reading for Humanity!

Two Major Arcana again, second day in a row! The energies are STRONG loved ones. The Fool appeared […]

Time for Deep Dreams. A Reading for Humanity.

What a magical reading for today! I’m not sure how many will resonate, but Pisces season is being […]

Breaking Free with the King of Cups. A Reading for Humanity.

We are Knight (King) of Cups right now, sitting at the nexus of many forces, and striving to […]

Breathe Deeply Before the Dive. Reading for Humanity!

The Eight of Wands is here to herald new movement, fresh speed, and the fast arrival of new […]

READING FOR HUMANITY! Don’t ignore your intuition!

Our lovely owly High Priestess is upside down this day. I feel like the eye in the Hamsa […]

Tarot READING FOR HUMANITY! The High Priestess’ Two Choices

The High Priestess from 2 days ago makes a comeback today because the Moon is full, so it’s […]

Tarot READING FOR HUMANITY! Intuitive knowing with The High Priestess

Two wonderful Major Arcana cards grace us with their presence. As the powerful Blood Moon approaches with its […]