The Magician

Card Meanings & Interpretation

The Magician and Difficult Times

Have you ever pulled The Magician during an emotionally difficult time and wondered… what could this card’s medicine […]

Readings with The Magician

Opening to the Winds of Change. A Reading for Humanity.

Humanity, our friend today is the Ace of Cups. It invites a softening of the walls around our […]

Pick a Message! Hope & Dreams

Two messages! Pick whatever from the above resonates—or both—and see what message Spirit has for you: Left: “Hope […]

Your Healing is in Your Hands. A Reading for Humanity.

The Star speaks of our healing journey, of our quest to embody wholeness and completeness and a felt […]

Minty Fresh as Mercury enters Aries. Astro talk & Reading

Today’s card from the Shaman Wisdom Oracle Cards is Number 29 – Mint (Masculine/East/Mercury/Air), and it could not […]

Ramblings of Pisces Season

Oof, I don’t know about you, but I’m still having a hard time finding my bearings in reality. […]

Time for Deep Dreams. A Reading for Humanity.

What a magical reading for today! I’m not sure how many will resonate, but Pisces season is being […]

Conflict Is An Opportunity for Growth. Reading for Humanity!

When we bury and avoid some types of conflict in a relationship or within ourselves, we are bypassing […]

READING FOR HUMANITY! New Moon in Virgo Reading

READING FOR HUMANITY using the Celtic Cross because YOLO, that’s why! For this new lunar cycle. Behind us […]

READING FOR HUMANITY! We create our own opportunities

Some people are landed with sweet chances at life due to no work of their own. However, for […]

Tarot READING FOR HUMANITY! Awakening with The Fool

Today we’ll dabble on awakening and mystical awareness. The human mind is a wonderful tool for navigating the […]

Reading for Humanity [Wed, 6/27/18]

This week started with the potential for beginnings. Yesterday, lovely feminine energy guided us into practical plans for […]