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I received a reading from Mantis 2 months ago, and it’s crazy to me how on point his reading has been. He predicted that my work would pick up but also, that I would yearn to expand my practice somehow, and sure enough, both have been true. He delivered the reading in a kindly, respectful, and thorough manner. I’d definitely recommend him to others as he was knowledgeable and created a safe space with his words. His reading gave me encouragement in a time when I needed it, and has given me the extra little nudge I needed to affect change in my professional life. –

~ Lo, cardsmademirror

Mantis’ reading was intuitive and inspiring. I was amazed by how he was able to speak to my specific concerns. I felt like he really understood where I was coming from and delivered exactly the message I needed to hear. His interpretations were powerful and clear; he brought together many complex themes in a way that was easy to understand and put into practice. I’ve found myself returning to the reading for encouragement and insight.

~ Shalom, Lost & Found Tarot

Mantis, thank you so much for my reading. It was so on point and exactly what I needed to hear. To all my friends, this guy is legit talented.

~ Marie

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